About Galija / History and Tradition

History & tradition of GALIJA

Opened 1986

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine in the world and offers us plenty of traditional dishes that everyone can enjoy. This variety comes from the ancient and picturesque heritage of Greek, Roman, vizantskih and even oriental roots. Italian dishes offer a healthy option for the daily diet with emphasis on olive oil and tomatoes.

The popularity of Italian cuisine that has swept the world in the early 19th century led us to 1986, Sarajevo in addition to traditional Bosnian cuisine offer a variety of Italian cuisine, which is very well received in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in Sarajevo.

The tradition and the name that has achieved many years of work and quality were strong incentive to 2006. pizzeria “Gaul” expand its range of dishes and places capacity. The interior space offers maximum intimacy and relaxation to each guest, with pleasant sounds of domestic and foreign high-quality music that is tailored to the facility.

As part of our offer is also organizing different receptions, birthday parties and business cocktails. Services to organize all the reception we also outside our facility.

In addition to a rich assortment of dishes, in our house, you can try many of the world drinks and various types of quality wine.
With all this we have pointed out, and as you can see on our website, visit the pizzeria “Gaul” and make sure to everything we said.

A special service we offer our youngest guests with fun and games and a variety of gifts that get in the house, can enjoy a menu that is specifically tailored to them.

The interior of the building corresponds to the ship’s interior, which is decorated with many objects of the marine landscape, and therefore part of the new “Gaul” is decorated in the style of a modern ship yachts with a unique ship details.

In this unique facility with the many offers of food and drink and with proven maximum hygiene pizzeria “Galija” has become a brand of Sarajevo.

Due to security that our facility offers its guests pizzeria “Gaul” for 20 years on the calm waters.

WORKING TIME FROM 9: 00-23: 30 and Sunday from 14: 00-23: 30 h.